@@++ Sunny Day with 



 Sunny Day with

How do you know me

if you just looked only one side of me




 Sunny Day with


This week was wonderful

and the summer has finally arrived.


This weekend I call it "me time"

I do really  like being around my friends and family

and other times  I also  like having time to myself

just want  to clear things up and relax and not be bothered by anyone


also sometimes  I  need time alone to think things through and think

 about the things that has happened to my life

I am happy that I still have time for myself,

 to pamper and be who I am.





This weekend I was cooking while reading a book

so my food is a bit burnt


that is not good



also cleaning my room ,listening to music ,stay longer in the bed

and get away from shopping

cuz I am poor now




then I make a plan trip for my next vacation

I only have 10 days in Scandinavia and Estonia

but many places there I want to see


I wish I can stay there longer



anyway I love this weekend!





 Sunny Day with

"me time"


 Sunny Day with

Make a plan for days trip




 Sunny Day with

 Sunny Day with




 Sunny Day with

 Sunny Day with

the flower in back yard



 I hope you had a great weekend

and enjoy the long holiday in Thailand













 Sunny Day with


 Sunny Day with


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Posted on Mon 6 Jul 2009 17:24





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ٻ ͧ
Wed 8 Jul 2009 18:13 [6]

شѡ ҹ¨Ѿ ͧҡ -_-" Թ͡ҧ
Tue 7 Jul 2009 2:46 [5]

:) i read it already.
Mon 6 Jul 2009 16:20 [4]

Goodnight. Sleep well :-)
Mon 6 Jul 2009 5:02 [3]

Usually you post poscture of food too. But since your burnt it, probably not good. I would probably eat it anyways. And yes.. I could eat your toes too :-) ;-)
Mon 6 Jul 2009 4:58 [2]

Toes, Wine, Sunshine.. PERFECT !!!!! :-)
Mon 6 Jul 2009 4:48 [1]





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