Aupair experience 1 / Happy Sunday 



Posted on Wed 27 May 2009 9:46





Cupcakes with Thijn :)
Aupair experience 2 / Cooking day
The Beach next door /Jazz concert Festival
Den Haag in a blue sky
Presentation about Thailand:)/Cooking day
Aupair experience 1 / Happy Sunday
Host mom's Birthday party
Host dad's car /Swimming
Maarssen /Cooking day :)
Mama lunch box day :)/Circus Circus
Raining week











ꡡ ҹ... ..... ǹШ ҵԴ ͧպ
Thu 28 May 2009 22:59 [4]

ٻ!!!!!!!!!!!! ͺٻͧ͡Ѻ͡˭ҡѺͧٻѴҴ....
Wed 27 May 2009 16:57 [3]

I cant see the pic at all.
but i will try to imagine it..5 5+
you r right...when u know that day will be good weather...
we can go out..
It\'s so strange ..
if we only stay at home...(dont lost money,too) 5 5+
Wed 27 May 2009 5:00 [2]

I see that the pictures are not showing. You could try to delete them and add them again. This may help.
Great pictures, the ones I do see. Especially the first one :-)
Wed 27 May 2009 3:38 [1]





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